Hearing A New Taylor Swift Song for The First Time

First I’m saddened to hear that her sound has evolved (because how do you get even better than your best):


Then I listen it to a few more times and experience a change of heart:


Then I find myself bee bopping:


Then the twirling begins:


Then comes all the cruising, moving, and grooving. And the shaking (SO MUCH SHAKING YO):

Finally I plop down and dream wistfully for the rest of my existence:


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James Franco’s Top 5 Most Interesting Hairstyles

James Franco is a man of many talents — and apparently many unique hairstyles, too. Let’s take a look at some of his most interesting tress moments, shall we?

1. The time he exuded the hair ferocity of James Dean and Stefan Salvatore combined.


2. The time he rocked Skrillex meets “Kevin Federline Backup Dancing in Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” Music Video” cornrows. (Looks like someone really got into the #SPRANGBRAKE!)image

3. The time he yearned to be One Direction’s Bonus Jonas and bleached his hair to resemble an extra from Teen Beach Musical.


4. The time he shaved his beautiful locks to achieve the “bald as a mutha” creeper look. (P.S. Did he gather his stray strands into a pile and weave them into a mustache?) image

5. The time he got cozy with a cat and some gel on the red carpet. Work those whiskers, good sir!

So what’s YOUR favorite Franco ‘do (or don’t) of all time?

Ron Swanson gets it.

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NBC and Tim Kring are relaunching HEROES as a 13-episode event series to air in 2015. Part of me is worried because the show’s terrible fourth season made my inner television enthusiast cringe with so much second-hand embarrassment. Like are they making Hiro use his time-traveling abilities to journey into the past and undo all those stale plot twists (#carnival) and uninspired character arcs? (He’d certainly have his work cut out for him, poor guy.) Or is the network planning on introducing a fresh crop of underdogs, villains, and powerful entities? Hmm.

That said, the first two seasons were pretty kickass and I would never say to no to some extra Sylar on my screen. Additionally, I’d love to see if and how they could ever possibly top the “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” tagline. Just keep the storytelling fresh and consise, folks. Don’t get all ‘flighty’ on us again! Thoughts?

Cherry cherry boom boom…

Let me preface this by saying I don’t hate Lady Gaga. She’s a talented performer with strong vocals and I do acknowledge the notion that artists need to be chameleons, constantly growing, pushing limits, and experimenting with new sounds so that they don’t become drones in their own fame game. However, aside from “Bad Romance” (and maybe “Alejandro,” maybe), I haven’t enjoyed a single song she’s released since The Fame. Can she please bring back her synth-pop dance beats and clear electro hooks — you know, the days when her music was fun and playful and her lyrics full of allure?

Ironically, her first video captures my exact sentiments: “[Girl], we’ve had a real’ good time /And I wish you the best on your way / Eh eh / I didn’t mean to hurt you / I never thought we’d fall out of place.”

In the words of Lady G herself, “Eh, Eh, there’s nothing else I can say.”

Marcia Brady: Professional Shade Thrower

I spent the better half of my evening watching The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequel (both of which I saw in theaters as a little kid and am not ashamed to admit it) — and let me just tell you that Marcia Brady is the queen of insults.

In The Brady Bunch Movie, when Jan finds out that her family might have to move, she freaks out about leaving behind her friends. Marcia’s response?


LMAO. Shade for days.

In A Very Brady Sequel, Jan pretends to date a guy named George Glass, and despite her best efforts, Marcia remains suspicious. Here she is insisting to speak to her sister’s alleged boyfriend (who’s actually a sex hotline worker) on the phone and shoves her out of the way as if to say, “Ugh. Stop breathing your ratchedness on my me!”

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Poor Jan. She never stood a chance.

Post-Finale Interview Round-Up


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Don’t forget this one as well!

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The Greatest Television Theme Songs: Part 1

Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Nerf Herder: Pure adrenaline rush. Nothing like some head bashing beats to get into the fang staking mood!

Perfect Strangers. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now’: Because even couch potatoes love being inspired. “The wind and haze I’m bound for better days. It’s my life and my dream, Nothing’s going to stop me now.”

Pretty Little Liars. “Secrets” by the Pierces. Why? Because it taught me to fear friends (Two can’t keep a secret if one of them is dead, yo!) and that even when I’m long gone, I can still get a manicure.

The O.C. “California” by Phantom Planet: Because I’ve never wanted to visit the Sunshine State more than when I hear the “wind through your hair” punkish croons of Alexander Greenwald and imagine Ryan riding shotgun looking out at the ocean from Sandy Cohen’s car.

Blossom. “My Opinionation” by Mike Post and Steve Geyer: Because it’s an anything goes melody — as fun and vibrant as the lead character herself. Just STFU and put on your dancing shoes because we’re going to have a good time:

Which television theme songs should be included in Part 2? Recommendations are more than welcome!

Watching Chuck and Blair Get Their Happily Ever After


First came the cheering:




Then came the swooning:




Finally, bittersweet tears of joy and understanding streamed down my face.


I approve, Gossip Girl, I approve. XOXO.


When Shelley from American Horror Story: Asylum Debuted Her New Stumps

I was just like: