Scenes from My Childhood: All Dogs Go To Heaven, Ending

Sometimes certain scenes stick with you. Whether they are from movies you watched as a child or a recent release, there are always those rare scenes that make you feel alive — that trigger a string in your harp of a heart. One of these scenes for me is from All Dogs Go To Heaven when Charlie flies into Squeaker’s (Anne-Marie’s) room for one last visit and to apologize to her and and ask her to take care of cute little Itch.  It’s so heart-rendering, so honest, so forgiving — a lullaby farewell in the fresh cool night air:

Anne-Marie: Oh, Charlie, I’ll miss you.

Charlie: (gets choked up) I’ll miss you too, sweetpea.

Anne-Marie: Charlie, will I ever see you again?

Charlie: Sure sure you will kid. You know, goodbye is not forever.

Anne-Marie: Then goodbye, Charlie. I love you. (Hugs him.)

Charlie: (Hugs her back.) Yea, I love you too.

There’s no wrong time to say I’m sorry. There’s no such thing as goodbye. Friends and family will come and go but the love and memories you shared will always be present. That’s what the ending to All Dogs Go To Heaven taught me at a young age. And that’s what I’ll always cherish about it.

Was All Dogs Go To Heaven one of your favorite childhood movies as well?